Mexican Plastic Bag 11.5 x 11 in

Mexican Plastic Bag 11.5 x 11 in

Regular price $45

We are Mexican Designers and love to share our culture. This market bag is representative of Puebla and Mexico City, Mexico artisanal designers. Since they are made out of biodegradable plastic, these are durable, unique, and stand out bags.

We offer a variety of designs: some of them use the typical bright colors of Mexican designs, some of them use a more pastel color palette. No matter which one you get, they are all made of the highest quality and will definitely stand out.

The bags come in an assortment of colors (can be the same as the images or similar, but colors delivered will be random).

Use this bag for the beach, as a gift bag for parties, or even as a purse to make your look stand out.

Price listed is per packs, price per bag over 50 is $5 USD.