Voyage Magazine Houston Interview with Founder Mariel Bouffier

Voyage Magazine Houston Interview with Founder Mariel Bouffier

Check out our most recent interview with Voyage Magazine Houston, Texas where they interview local Houston residents. Mariel became a resident recently and is now a local in Houston! Get your favorite swimsuits for this summer season with us, locally. 

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Our recent interview with Growth Suite

Check out our recent interview with Growth Suite here!
Learn about our story growing Pura Vida - a swimsuit and accessory line.


5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Stressed at work? In your personal life? We have all been there. There are ways to manage this. Here are our top 5 ideas of how to avoid being 100% burnt out. 

1. Pick up a Hobby

There is a reason why having a creative outlet is always so successful. It distracts you and puts your mind at ease for once from stuff you don't want to face. It keeps you from refreshing your phone and checking your email notifications for any...

Marie Claire Spread :)

We were able to collaborate with Marie Claire and work with them in a Photoshoot as well as an "About Us" in Mexican Brands to Watch:



Top 5 beaches to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is full of amazing beaches. Any state you visit that has a coast will most likely have a beautiful beach. And if it's not the most beautiful, they will have a great attitude and receive you with open arms. Our list is not in any order, and is crafted based on our experiences. It is for those who are looking to go somewhere different and not as expensive as beaches have become for tourists.

Here are our top 5:

1. Puerto Escondido

If you like to surf, this is the place to...