Shipping Policy

We ship standard free shipping on orders over $30 USD from Mexico. If you order domestic your product may take up to two weeks to arrive. 

International Shipping

It is the customer's responsibility to be informed that when products are shipped to an international country, the product may take up to 20-30 business days if it's being shipped to a nearby country.

If it is being shipped to a far away country it may take up to 3 months to arrive. This is something Pura Vida cannot control, since each country has different customs orders and time frames. 

There are times when extenuating factors or government orders (ie. bad weather, Covid-19) may get in the way of your order arriving on time. This is something that Pura Vida cannot control and the customer must understand may cause delays. 

Tracking your Order

Once the package is fulfilled, we will send them an email with your tracking information and where the customer can track the product. 

Express Shipping

If you need the product delivered earlier, please email us at so we can coordinate this. Given the rates vary, we would need to check this shipping option on a case-by-case basis. But be advised, that International Express Shipping (using FedEx, UPS, etc) has a starting base price of $60 USD that the customer would have to pay and is not covered by Pura Vida. If this is an option the customer is willing to choose, we would need to have the customer pay for this separately from their order.