How to Spend a Week in Mexico City on a Budget

How to Spend a Week in Mexico City on a Budget

How to Spend a Week In Mexico City on a Budget


Deciding to travel on a budget is the first step, so if you’re reading this, you're on the right path. You're planning your trip, unlike most people who go with the flow. A planned trip can save you a lot of money without affecting your experience. 

From affordable hotels to restaurants, we have the best tips for you!

Where to Eat & Save Money

Where to Eat and Save Money in Mexico City

Here's the thing: dining at local restaurants will help you save more than you think. You're probably going to be eating outside regularly. Sure, one or two fancy dinners would be fine, but I recommend you avoid established restaurants and fast-food chains. Also, the more local the meal, the better!


What’s this, you ask? Eat at a bar? Cantinas are not only a Mexican Tradition but offer some of the best and cheapest meals in the city. And you can have some mezcal or tequila; it won’t hurt you.

Local Tacos, Anywhere.

If it calls your attention, get them. But if you’re feeling a little more nervous about your stomach, you can go safe with Fogoncito, Tizoncito, and Califa tacos.

Mercado de Coyoacán

This one's a great market for some fun and colorful shopping! Not your usual shopping, but you’ll find fruits, plants, exotic too, everywhere. You'll find a variety of spices and edible items here - imported and local! You can enjoy Mexico City's distinctive culture as you enjoy your meal.

Where to Shop & Save Money

Where to Shop and Save Money in Mexico City

What use is a trip without shopping? Instead of buying from large, established companies, try buying from local shops. You will find affordable prices vs. tourist prices for sure!

No time for shopping? Don’t worry; you can shop online. Mexican-styled purses are a must if you're going to Mexico!

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Where to Stay & Save Money

Where to Stay and Save Money in Mexico City

You know you can stay in the friendly, trending neighborhoods without spending so much money, right? There are various options such as hostels, Airbnb, couch surfing, you name it! The areas we recommend you can look at our


This recently gentrified neighborhood is right where all the action is, but at an affordable price. You can still rent many hip apartments without all those extra charges!


Right next to Polanco, Anzures still offers fantastic places, is a great location, and you don’t spend all your money.


This area is where the famous Antara Mall is, with some brand-new apartments right around the corner. You are also right next to Polanco, but there is no need to spend your entire trip’s budget here!

A Bonus Tip to Save A Few More Bucks

How to Save Money in Mexico City on a Budget

You can also explore outside of the city for a low price! Public Transportation and Ubers are affordable, so you can go to the outskirts and even have a weekend getaway in the famous Tepoztlan, Las Estacas, or Malinalco.

The Bottom Line

Bottom Line to Save Money when Traveling to Mexico City

The above-listed tips will help you explore the whole city without shrinking your account balance. But you can save yourself an entire trip and order online!

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