5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Stressed at work? In your personal life? We have all been there. There are ways to manage this. Here are our top 5 ideas of how to avoid being 100% burnt out. 

1. Pick up a Hobby

There is a reason why having a creative outlet is always so successful. It distracts you and puts your mind at ease for once from stuff you don't want to face. It keeps you from refreshing your phone and checking your email notifications for any updates you need. We recommend going from something as simple as gardening (well, not so simple once your plants die), to learning a new skill such as macramé or carpentry, to something that maybe you did before and have forgotten, like photography. 

2. Exercise

Endorphins make you happy. It is proven science that you will be happier once you work out. You don't have to get super into cardio. Do whatever you think is best for your personal outcome, if it is biking, running, doing pilates, or yoga. You do you. Just move for 30 minutes and you will see the difference in your energy, attitude, and as a plus side, your body. 

3. Go Outside!

We forget to move, to walk, to breathe in fresh air. Find a nice area near you with trees or walking paths and take a walk. Listen to your favorite podcast or pick up an audiobook. Not interested in neither of these? Then just listen to music or as a bonus, listen to the trees and animals around you. If you have a dog they will appreciate these nice long walks. 

4. Take a Bath

This is one of our personal favorites, especially on a cold day. Nothing nicer than to relax and wind down after a long day in a bath. Replenish your body with epsom salts, essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus, light a candle and pick up a good book. 

5. Follow a Routine

We are not talking about a strict routine. But getting into a schedule where you know you wake up at a certain time, work out, shower, change, and take your necessary supplements, all helps. Knowing that you have fulfilled your activities and then setting time apart for work helps. Wind down leaving time in the day to complete your hobbies. Set a goal (attainable for the day, you don't need to finish the project that same day!). 

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